02 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Ah! It's been sooo long since I last blogged. And it's now 2010! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope all of us will have good luck and good things will soon come to each and everyone of us in this very new year! =)

And yeah. SAM has ended. I can still remember how difficult we were in the beginning of the year with the so-many-assignments and tests. But. All these has come to and end. BUT. Am going to face all these things again in the next month.

Well, I applied for psychology course in IMU and I'm waiting for their offer letter. I'll be starting my class after CNY! *Wooohooo* That is if I'm able to get in there (should be okay la =P)


New environment
New friends
New course
New challenges

Hope everything will go well and that I won't be as suffering as when I'm doing my SAM programme. *winks* =D

Oh anyway,


25 October 2009


Ahh~! Time passes by TOO fast!And yeah. The year of 2009 has come to an end.. and here come my finals too. Haih! As usual, I have not finish revising yet.. =_____=

And yeah. Last friday went to lee young's house for BBQ to celebrate our very last day in college. Oh, before I forgot, Miss Azreena made us cry! Girls only lar. Not all though.. =( She prepared a presentation and gave back the very 1st essay we wrote we step into college.. and also a survey about our expectations in doing this course.. Oh my gosh.. All the memories were there..

How we step into HB2 class, without knowing each other..
And slowly our friendship grew to become a family of HB2. =)

How we stressed ourselves with our assignments and presentations..
How co-operative we are in doing our practicals together.
I could say, we really care for each and everyone in our class.

WE ARE UNITED! For real.

I will never forget this 1st year of college with a bunch of funny, hillarious, intelligent, helpful, crazy and many many more! They have the whole package!

And of course, HB2! Our journey do not end here.. We will have gatherings and we can even go back to college to meet up!

All and for once.
I love u guys.
U guys made this year a memorable one for me.
I will never forget u guys. =)

Keep in touch! And yeah. Wish everyone very best of luck in finals! Gambateh! =)

27 September 2009

2 outings in a day (23/9/09)


LOL..Yeah so.. Went to Mid Valley to watch 'The Unbelievable' with ex-skoolmates.. Bong, Clyde & Leonard... A Hong Kong ghost movie and it's all real stuffs.. They went to Thailand and also Malaysia! To find all ghost stuffs.. Not bad larrr. Some parts were disgusting lar..

Oh yeah.. Before that we went to Suhsi Zanmai for breakfast.. LOL. It was 12 when we successfully bought the 2.15 pm ticket.. Pictures!
After that we went to take photo stickers! And it was a real disaster because of Clyde & Bong struggling to choose the pictures.. We were supposed to choose 4 picts out of 8 picts to be printed out but.. After choosing one pict, they accidentally pressed 'OK'.. = =!!! And this is the only photo we get..

And it's time for movie! When heading to the cinema~
OK! After cinema we went for another shot of the photo stickers again! xD Coz were not satisfied with the photos just now.. xD

And that's all with ex-skoolmates.. College mates next!Went back at around 5 pm.. And waited for Jean to fetch me to pasar malam~ =D Some of them actually reached there earlier and ate a lot while waiting for me and Jean.. haha. And ah sann went toilet twice.. The second time she went, the toilet was a bit dirty and she could not stand it and she felt like vomitting.. = =" so she went to the car 1st..

Beo bei Carol accompanied me to walk the street AGAIN. Thankss~ Coz have to buy food for mom.. Carol bought 2 T-shirts for her sister too..Aww sooo good. After all of us had done, we leave of coz.. = =" It was so damn traffic jam.. Stucked there for about 30 minutes! It's just a PASAR MALAM!! Arghhh. The ah sann and carol went back ler..

Tj,Lee young, Jean, Ah bao, Poh seng and me went to Wei Han's house to chit chat a while.. Went back at 11.30 like that.. Eat the food I bought and SLEEP!

Ahhh~ Tiring day but fun! =D Sorry no photos were taken! xD

22 September 2009

Neway (18/9/09)

Trials started on 14/8/09 and ended on this day! Do u know what time we have to wake and go to college to sit for the exams?! I woke up at 5.15 am! And reached college at 6.30 am..T__T Not everyday la.. Alternate days ba..

Monday, Wednesday & Friday : 7.00 am ~ 10.10am
Tuesday & Thursday : 11.30 am ~ 2.40 am

Well since Friday the exam ended so early, so I asked some Murnians to come out and sing k! =P
But most of them weren't free becoz they have classes and some of them went to travel! End up only me,bong,clyde and ssy went to sing k..

Firstly, we went to greenbox but when I saw there were so many students around.. I knew that there were no more rooms for us anymore! We reached there about 2.30pm.. But the girl working there said 'There will be no rooms until 5pm..' OMG! And yeah it reminded me, that day was a public holiday for government schools.. So yeahhh.. = =

So we went to Neway at Leisure Mall~ That was the 2nd time I went there.. XP Luckily there was place there! If not, really wanna smack ppl already.. haha. So we reached there at 3pm and sang till 7pm! They were so punctual there.. Once the clock strikes 7pm, the screen will pop out a 'bye bye' quote for us.. = ="

Well~ Pictures!

After that, went to Gilly Cafe for dinner~ near Leisure Mall also.

PS : Sorry about the toooo many pictures of me! Becoz ah bong kept taking my photos, so I have to pose~ XP